What is the difference between Edelbrock 1405 and 1406?

What is the difference between Edelbrock 1405 and 1406?

Performance Differences. Edelbrock’s 1405 and 1406 are similar in many respects, but the company designed the carburetors to have different performance capabilities. For instance, Edelbrock designed the model 1405 carburetors to achieve moderate to high street performance, giving the carburetor towing capabilities.

Can I use an Edelbrock 1405 CARB on performer rpm aluminum intake?

Anyone here have experience using an Edelbrock 1405 carb on a Performer RPM Aluminum high rise intake? (model #1701 for sbc). that they did not recommend the 1406 for use with the RPM intake.Instead, it stated that the 1405 was designed to function well with the Performer RPM intake. Both carbs are rated at 600 cfm.

What size spring does ededelbrock 1406 carburetor use?

Edelbrock’s 1406 carburetor uses the yellow-colored, 4-inch staging vacuum step-up spring. The accelerator pump nozzle has a 0.031-inch diameter.

What are the specs of a 1405 carburetor?

1405 Specifications. Edelbrock’s 1405-model carburetor has a primary main jet that measures 0.100 inches, and a secondary main jet that measures 0.095 inches. The primary metering rod measures 0.070 by 0.047 inches, and the needle and seat measure 0.0935 inches.

Why choose Edelbrock?

Always proud of their heritage, Edelbrock provides practical solutions to make racing faster, easier, and affordable. From its humble beginnings in 1938, the company has grown to be the leader in aftermarket performance products. Edelbrock is a pioneer in aftermarket performance hardware; from Edelbrock intakes to Edelbrock superchargers.

Why ededelbrock performance parts?

Edelbrock designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures performance parts for nearly any application you might find yourself working on in your shop. Countless hours have been poured into each and every one of their products to produce maximum power and style to fit without fattening your budget.

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